Ready to be inspired by true manifesting stories?

I know many of you are, because as a Law of Attraction Coach I regularly receive your requests for real life examples about manifesting romance, professional success, etc.

Which isn’t surprising you would want that  … stories are a great way to learn the ins and outs of anything, let alone the challenges of deliberate creation!

Yes, theories are instructive and formulas can be helpful.

Adventures in Manifesting by Jeannette MawBut the stories are what we remember and are inspired by!  Stories, especially true ones, bring abstract principles to life, and allows us to connect the dots and have “aha” moments. Stories light us up and give us reason to believe in our own dreams and desires.  Not to mention, real world stories offer a proven template for how to do it ourselves!

So to that end and by popular request, I’ve compiled my favorite personal law of attraction experiences to highlight the how-to’s of my successful manifestations.  (And a few not-so-successful manifestations.)

In this 33 page downloadable ebook you’ll find not just the entertaining details of how I went about getting what I wanted as I began experimenting with deliberate creation, but also the methods and techniques I used in the face of real world challenges.

In Adventures in Manifesting, you’ll read about how I …

  • manifested love after years of being off the market (including turning a miserable start to my dating life into an incredibly fun summer of men – page 15),
  • created peace with the neighbor I once wished dead on page 24 (this is my masterpiece creation),
  • resolved an impossible love triangle (and the power of turning it over when we can’t figure out a solution on our own – page 20),
  • built my business in three short months (okay, it felt like three LONG months, but it still worked – that’s on page 9),
  • and my original manifesting story – how it all started with Jeff, the foster dog after my nervous breakdown in the backyard.

Throughout these incredibly personal stories I’ll also share the specific manifesting techniques I used, and how I managed the obstacles along the way.

Through it all my intention is to give you a sense of your own ability to start where you are now in creating your dreams come true.  If I can do it, so can you!

Download your copy now for $17

This one’s a no-brainer if you’re into amping up your manifesting skills, because it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don’t love it – and I mean love it, just let me know and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

This Adventures in Manifesting ebook is not just entertainment for fellow creators, but also lays a strong foundation for believing in our ability to create the impossible and offers real world instruction for leveraging the power of our conscious minds.

Here is a sampling of unsolicited, unedited comments from readers:

“Your e-book sent my jaw to the floor with every single story! I especially loved the bit about the website not even working when your business flourished in only three months. I must say, you really have inspired and astounded me. I've always heard of LOA performing miracles, you know from ‘they’. Like ‘they say that you eat eight spiders in your lifetime’. Or ‘they say you shouldn't eat too many sweets’. I'm perfectly happy ignoring ‘they’ most of the time, but ‘they’ always nagged me about how this universal law can perform miracles. Well, you just put a beautiful, happy face to ‘they’.” - T.H., Alabama

“My wife and I finished reading your ebook last night. We loved it! It was the best ever because it was exactly what I needed to hear – how somebody took all of the Abe teachings and applied them to a bunch of sticky real life situations and didn’t give up until they got their vibe to line up with their desire.”
 - M.C., Utah

“Thank you for the gift. I am enjoying every word of it. You have a special way of saying things that rings so true and is fun and entertaining. I shared the link with my Wednesday night Abraham group, and they are enjoying it too.”
 – D.O., Florida

“I love success stories and these stories of your early success were deeply inspiring.”
 – J.R., Florida

“It is wonderful in every way. I printed it in color on good paper and put it in a binder. It is beautiful to look at and fun and inspiring to read. You are a MAGNIFICENT TREASURE!!!”
 – K.C., Texas

“Hi Jeannette, thank you for sharing Adventures In Manifesting; it was such a fun read!”
 – A.G., Florida

“Jeannette, I LOVE your new book. I read it last night, through-n-through. It was exactly the little vibe shifter I needed to keep pointed in the direction of my dreams. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with the world. You are truly an inspiration!”
 – J.S., California

“Clearly you are a tribal storyteller in this lifetime too, except your fire is instead the light of our computer screens. :) I loved reading your stories!”
 – E.H., California

“Your Adventures in Manifesting...SUCH a gift. Reading about your experiences really helped me shift into an ‘I can do it too’ mode. Just hearing how you rock deliberate creation really, really helped. Not sure how else to put it into words, so I'll just say: thank you, thank you.”
 – S.D., California

You in?  Here’s the link one more time to download your copy immediately for $17.

All I ask is that you go ahead and laugh even at the parts you think you shouldn’t be laughing, since it’s good not to take ourselves and this business of getting what we want too seriously.

Let me know what unfolds in your world as a result of what you put into personal practice!

I’m already looking forward to hearing about your manifesting adventures!Jeannette Maw

Love & Miracles –

Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach

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